Whereas:Pressure from Iowa’s Second Amendment supporters garnered 15 cosponsors on Constitutional Carry legislation (S.F. 165) by the time it was introduced; and       
Whereas:      Constitutional Carry is on the march all over the country and was signed into law in three different states so far in 2019, including South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Kentucky; and       
Whereas:      Support from tens of thousands of gun owners led to the flip of the Iowa Senate in 2016, and, more recently, ensured that the bill passed a Judiciary Committee sub-committee just last month; and      
Whereas:      Constitutional Carry would simply restore the right of every Iowa citizen to carry a firearm to protect themselves without paying expensive fees or adding their name to a government database;
Therefore:      On behalf of pro-Second Amendment Iowans, I urge you to use your position as Senate leaders to move Constitutional Carry via a ‘leadership bill’ right away.

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Petition to: Senators’ Whitver, Schneider, and Behn