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Dear Friend of the Second Amendment,

As a member of Iowa Gun Owners, you know that Senator Rick Bertrand has been leading the gun rights battle in the legislature for eight years now, passing Stand-Your-Ground law in the process.

Now he is under attack from the radical gun control lobby, who are determined to punish him for his work on behalf of gun owners like you and me.

Jackie Smith, the other candidate in this race, supports the entire gun control agenda including banning the AR15, banning accessories, repealing ‘Shall Issue’ and she even supports repealing Stand-Your-Ground law!

And she is on the warpath. In fact, she just secured another media buy, this one for almost $50,000 in her attempt to advance radical gun control!

IGO is going all out to expose Smith, with our own TV ad! Help us expose her -- and make sure that gun owners in Iowa have the facts -- by sponsoring as many of these TV ads as you possibly can!

The fight for the Second Amendment is raging right now, and this is our chance to fight back!

Stand with us now!

P.S. Whether you want to sponsor one, three, five or even ten TV ads, please let me know right away so I can get these ads rolling!

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Help Iowa Gun Owners EXPOSE Jackie Smith’s Plan to 


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